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What is Somatics?

Somatics is an umbrella term for mind-body practices that has quickly become a buzzword and trend.

Summarizing somatics in one post is definitely challenging haha but here’s my attempt: Peruse the gallery below or read

The term is derived from the Greek word “soma,” which means “the living body in its wholeness.”

Hamilton Somatic Practitioner Jillian Hassard

The field of somatics is not new despite its popularization over the last century through a process of inquiry into the mind-body-spirit connection.

Somatics is a dynamic potion of political, historical, indigenous teachings, and relational processes that recognize that we have been conditioned to live with insidious persistent threats, limited resources, and overstimulation -which breathes even more true for those living in oppressed bodies (Black, Brown, Indigenous, Disabled, Neurodivergent, Queer +). Notably, Somatics does not pathologize our reactions to living in a trauma-filled unjust world willfully designed to desensitize//disconnect us from ourselves, nature, and humanity.

Somatics goes beyond awareness: an alive, dimensional experience of the self in the present moment.

The human is not merely a self-aware soma, passively observing itself, but it is actively doing//being something simultaneously: it’s acting upon itself; i.e., it is always engaging in a process of self-regulation AND co-regulation. We are ever-changing beings, continuously interacting and relating to people, places, and things in our environment through emotions, movement, and sensations. By understanding humans as a myriad of interconnected systems motivated by simultaneous internal and external data that shapes identity, choices, behaviours, cognitive attitudes, memories, etc, you can begin to live life on your terms through access, ability, position, and agency.

Somatics Asks us to:

  • Explore our experience with curiosity + non-judgment
  • Divest from suprem@cist practices like perfectionism, urgency, hierarchy, and individualism
  • Unravel our identity from conditioned, habituated notions or patterns
  • Embrace our gifts, mistakes, and unique experiences
  • Slow down and live with intention
  • Dedicate ourselves to a dynamic relationship with ourselves + others; “healing” is not a destination but a lifelong practice
  • Get to know what exists underneath the story
  • Build capacity for change by sitting with uncomfortable sensations and challenging beliefs
  • Remember our essence, express ourselves, and take up space
  • Become our own embodied leader
  • Dream up a new paradigm

Somatics holds that:

  • Especially in current society, we mistrust//lack safety in the body//ourselves and can be stuck in a spiral of survival strategies
  • Humans can rely heavily upon// prioritize intellectual info
  • The mind is not separate from the body nor is the soul//spirit.
  • Humans are part of nature and correspondingly have animal functions
  • You are the expert of yourself: whole, resilient, and capable
  • We harm and are harmed; disruption and repair are possible
  • Inherent wisdom lives in the body, community, ancestral lineages, and within cultural//spiritual perspectives
  • You are influenced to the collective (family// community// culture + social forces like patriarchy, racism, and capitalism)
  • Community care is an act of self-care
  • Accountability, Trust, Integrity, Creativity + Compassion are the foundation for sustainable transformation

Many people seek out somatic practices as a way to:

  • Relieve stress
  • Attend to chronic pain
  • Recover from trauma
  • Investigate the body-mind connection
  • Nourish interpersonal relationships
  • Trust, listen and discern inner voice and intuition
  • Cherish and recognize their worth and authentic self
  • Release patterns of self-judgment, shame, burn-out
  • Find balance through a value-driven lifestyle
  • Learn Emotional Intelligence// get support regulating the N. S.
  • Imagine more for themselves and society.

If I could summarize somatics in a few words: Shape your world from the inside out!

One-on-One sessions are for brave humans ready to commit the time and energy to create new futures of healing, repair, and sovereignty

— with me right by your side.

I believe that everyone has their own individual journey and divine role to live. My goal is to empower you on your path by providing education, inspiration, motivation, support, and guidance.

Step into your inherent brilliance with me on a transformational adventure!

I am currently enrolling somatic clients this Summer!
There are 4 spots reserved for all you courageous humans out there ready to create a new paradigm from the inside out!

Feel free to reach out if you have any further questions!

love always,


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