Delve into 6 types of self love
Establish a daily practice
30 days of reflection and growth
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What you'll uncover:

This is no ordinary journal. There's more to examine in the self-love trend within the wellness industry. Dive into the depths of your psyche to reveal patterns that live beneath the surface.

Create space for your multimensional, evolving self.

what's included?

No flower baths, appropriation, or shallow journal prompts here.

month long self love experience through a social justice lens

I'm Ready

Jillian Hassard (Jillywithit)

"Examining your relationship with yourself inevitably leads to you questioning the systems in place that helped shape who you are: be it your family, other relationships, and systemic, political, or cultural programming. It is our duty to question and learn from these aspects of life if we are to make informed decisions about ourselves and create a more, inclusive, just world where there is space for everyone."


I created this 30 day journal challenge back in 2018 to bring awareness to the unconscious biases and inherited beliefs that actively live within us.

The wellness industry has always been a complex space where euro-centric bodies, harmful values, misinformation, erasure, appropriation + dangerous practices overshadow the intrinsic work that is amplifying voices, offering accessible movement and self care, building representation, creating safe spaces, and using your platform for good.

Say buh-bye to unsupportive narratives and call yourself into this intensive exploration to uncover your relationship with self + love and wellness culture.

Ethical Brand Strategist + web designer
 // Intuitive Guide and Somatic Coach


Let's do this!

I'm Jillian

what's included

Journal Workbook
Daily Email Prompts
Deepening Practices
Email Support
+ Weekly Playlists

I loved the journaling challenge with Jill. Every question was intentional, and as we went through the week and month, they dove just a bit deeper and deeper. It is because of the way the questions peeled back layer by layer of self-reflection, I was able to experience healing. I really found the journal prompt emails to be an anchor for my daily routine and I have returned back to them at times. I also LOVED the bonus playlists-so vibey.

Karli B.

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