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intuitive Support


attune to my truth

practical ways to transform your relationship to the intimate cosmologies of  land, lineage, and aliveness. 


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Access an embodied resource rooted in neuroscience + ecology that is always there to guide you back to integrity and towards well-being.


kayla + sam

ayla + jake

kayla + sam


Release patterns of shame, guilt, perfectionism, doubt + burnout
Navigate life transitions with courage and grace
Say “YES” to opportunity, trust, and accountability
Integrate intuition, boundaries, and new habits into your business/lifestyle
Embrace your humanity and intersectional identities
Cultivate courageous conversations and authentic connection
Unpack activism, climate anxiety, and/or ethical business practices
Reclaim your body as a resource, home, and sacred ecosystem
Awaken pleasure, play, and curiosity
Expand awareness to build emotional intelligence
Commit to your purpose with confidence, energy, and alignment
Be in relationship with the totality of reality

Step into your intrinsic magic as you:

Learn The Language Of Your Body

beyond the stories

Of Your Mind

Reshape your patterns into possibility

Starting at $500

Investment $1444

sLIDING SCALE + custom Programs // Monthy retainers available!

Eco-somatics is an experiential technology that invokes restorative practices to nourish your relationship between the sensuous body and the living, breathing environment in which are interwoven, reciprocal, and in infinite co-creation.

Through one-on-one somatic coaching sessions, you will become intimate with your internal ecosystem via meditation, movement, visioning, metaphors, personal touch, and play as well as other trauma interventions. These embodiment exercises and/or life coach methods gently + sustainably encourage resilience, intuition, acceptance, safety, and wonder to create new futures of healing, connection, and repair.

In essence, my goal is to create a sacred space for you to explore your aliveness and learn to regulate your nervous system. I act as a guide on your path of remembering by providing education, inspiration, motivation, and support so you can embrace where you are and step into to where and who you want to be: from surviving to thriving.

empowering intentional living + embodied leadership

Life Coaching


i deserve to flourish

i'm not gonna 'should' on you
—but i highly suggest you go for it!

Jillian is super nice and gets what it is to be of these times, ya know? Just like real, and there for you! She really helped me explore and transform my approach to life with soma. My time with Jillian has really opened a dimension of my life that has kinda always been there yet gone unnoticed; I was missing out on a lot of useful information about myself, my environment, plans, past, etc. Feeling what is truth/trust by way of my somatic response has been quite helpful in navigating reality. 

Somatics (7 month program) with— YJ 





Three 90 min Intuitive healing sessions over 1 month

seven 1 hour biweekly sessions over 3 months

Deepen your connection to self as you delve into an intentional, intensive adventure to strengthen creativity, sovereignty, leadership, embodiment, and aligned action. Learn to recognize when you are in an activated state - and how to respond!
Explore topics like: Boundaries, Self-Expression, Values + Beliefs, Relationships, Resilience, Purpose, Priorities,  Trauma and Self Care

1 hr somatics + 30 min energy healing
Unlimited Voice Note/ Messaging
Digest, rest, and reflect during the 3rd week break.

5 Somatic Life Coaching Sessions
2 Integration Sessions that include:
   Energy + Sound healing
   Card Reading
  Custom Guided Meditation

+ portal of customized exercises // practices // notes



twelve 60 minute biweekly somatic sessions
over 6 months

Gain access to the dimensions of your energetic ecology as you explore your inner rhythms. Forge your path toward self-actualization, spiritual awakening, and somatic wisdom in this intimate portal to discover what awakens your senses. Breathe life into a full-spectrum lifestyle through experimentation of sights, sounds, and sensations that help you (re)member your emotional intelligence and honour your humanity. Unfurl your essence: Become your own embodied leader and healer today. We’ll work together to help you reach your goals through biweekly coaching sessions, unlimited messaging/voice note support, and all of the tools, templates, and resources you may need. 

STARTING AT  $350 per month 

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◊ Shorter Sessions
◊ Trades
◊ Sliding scale
◊ Amendments to Packages
◊ Free single session for 4 People of the Global Majority per year. 


Accessibility is super important to me so if you are interested in working together, please know that I am open to chat about how I can support you while honouring life circumstances and divesting from capitalist systems.

Accessibility Options

freedom is a birthright


Entrepreneur support

Sliding Scale Options

STARTIng at $55 for 30 min

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Sliding Scale Offerings

Entrepreneur support

◊ Energy + Sound Healing
◊ Somatic Coaching
◊ Card Reading + Meditation
◊ Vision + Seasonal Goal Mapping
◊ Sacred Boundaries
◊ Embodied Action Items

◊ Systems for Balanced Business
◊ Ethical Marketing Techniques


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A virtual day retreat to honour all your dimensions. Delve into restorative practices and be held in your truth.

Leave with a sense of renewal, clarity, attuned strategy, and harmony within your intentional business + lifestyle.


Embodied Leadership


◊ Business
◊ Somatics
◊ Emotional Processing
◊ Confidence // Trust // Pleasure // Play
◊ Life Transitions
◊ Boundaries
◊ Spiritual Ecology
◊ Climate Anxiety
◊ General Wellness

Potential Topics

Confident in your needs and/or want to work on something specific? Build your own package by combing various Intuitive Support services, elements, and topics.


Custom Well-being

Entrepreneur support

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Sliding Scale Offerings


all bodies are good bodies

We are taught to abandon certain parts of ourselves; that only certain qualities are valuable and this is simply not true.

All bodies deserve to feel alive regardless of expired power dynamics such as class, religion, education etc.

Together, we will plant the seeds of a new future that honours all of your intersections.

expansion // release

You are creative, resourceful, accountable, and whole. I use my skills, experience, and intuition to guide you to tap into wisdom and transform. Your beliefs systems will be challenged to deconstruct unconscious, conditioned, and unsupportive patterns absorbed from harmful systems like capitalism, patriarchy, ableism, diet culture + other trauma.

Together, we can restructure and design an internal ecosystem that blooms intuition, sovereignty, and unity.

Guiding Lights

transparency // integrity

Yes, this is a client-led, resilience-based (trauma-informed) approach.

I believe that the more capacity we cultivate to feel and transmute discomfort (to embrace our humanity), the more choice we have towards the way we respond in the world. With more choice comes a deeper connection to our values, purpose, and each other. Thus, aligning us to what is truly possible on a micro and macro level; cellular and collective metamorphosis.

Somatic Coaching
Energy Healing
Card Reading
Intuitive Meditation
Sound Healing
Embodied Movement
Virtual Retreats

This Woman Has A Very Potent, Intuitive Touch.

I Received The Most Beautiful Healing From My New Pal, Jill. It's Not Often That I'm The One Receiving A Treatment From Someone Else So This Felt PARTICULARLY Special. As Her Hand Rested On My Heart I Didn't Want It To Move. In That Moment I Trusted Jill To Be The Portal For The Places My Soul Needed To Receive Energy.

Energy Healing with — Alice // Sensual Embodiment




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Free 30 day
well-being journal 

Self-care has evolved as deeply as our experiences have in these past few years. Bubble baths and face masks don’t always cut it.

Sometimes, you have to turn inward, and define it on your own.

In this illuminating email course, you will be guided through various types of self-love and begin to understand how, together, we can start to change the narrative of self-love and self-care to become a practice that is more accessible and inclusive.

More about the journal


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